The Committee on Foreign Relations Minnesota (CFR-MN) typically holds its regular programs from September to June of each year and will accept membership nomination forms at any time during the year.  The Chair of our Membership Committee, along with other members of the Executive Committee, will accept applications.  If you are a current member of CFR-MN and would like to recommend an individual for membership, please refer to the guidelines below and submit a Nomination Form


Membership Requirements

  • Our committee seeks to attract engaged, knowledgeable members with experience and interest in international affairs.

  • CFR-MN welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and political views.


Application Process

  • Candidates should be nominated by a current member, who will submit a nomination form to our Membership Chair.

  • In addition, candidates should submit a brief biography that includes a description of their experience or interest in international affairs.

  • After membership approval, new members will be required to pay annual dues to our Treasurer.

    • This amount may be lowered depending on how much of the current season has elapsed.

  • Members are notified of CFR events by e-mail. We ask that you RSVP for these events as directed in meeting notices we send out. If you RSVP’d, but find that you have to cancel, please notify us twenty four hours in advance.


Benefits of Membership

  • Annual dues cover the cost of attending regular dinner meetings throughout the season. This typically includes nine programs.

  • In addition to regular dinner programs, we also have occasional pay-at-the-door breakfasts and luncheons on relevant topics as new speaker opportunities arise.

  • Members can bring dinner guests for $45.

  • At times, CFR-MN members will be provided discounted admission to other international affairs events in the Twin Cities hosted by other groups.


Responsibilities of Members

  • Members must remain current on their annual dues, paying each year’s dues at the start of the season. Dues are used for program related costs and other administrative expenses of the organization. Please follow this link to the annual Renewal Form.

  • At the end of each presentation, we invite members to ask questions of our speakers. We ask that our members be respectful in posing their questions, and to be as succinct as possible in order to give other members time for questions.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all CFR-MN events follow Chatham House Rules, meaning the speakers comments are “off the record.”


Have more questions about membership?  Please reach out to our Membership Chair Zach Mullinax at or 612-605-9090.